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Portfoliofocus Money Market

Portfoliofocus Money Market is a fully transactional term deposit platform that is available to financial planners, businesses and charities, which has been specifically designed to make the process of investing in term deposits as simple as possible.

The Portfoliofocus Money Market platform requires just one initial application form to be completed to allow access to a range of institutions listed on the site. The platform allows planners to view the rates of various institutions and transact on the web with a click of a button. Upon the maturity of a term deposit, you are able to switch to a different institution and the funds are transferred automatically with same day value. All fund movements are always bank to bank and remain in the name of the client.

Benefits include:

  • automatic completion of all application forms and contract notes (after the initial account with Money Market is opened)
  • same day portability of funds between institutions upon rollover that enables clients to continually maximize interest earned
  • wholesale rates on all deposit amounts from banks are in one place allowing clients to shop for the best rate at a glance for the best return, allowing certainty of earnings and savings.
  • full client confidentiality, the term deposit provider can not market to clients
  • full history of financial transactions provided at the end of the tax year without any transaction fees
  • flexible commission rates

The funds are always contained in accounts held with financial institutions in the name of the client. Portfoliofocus Money Market does not hold any monies on trust for clients.

Video Tutorials available here. CLICK HERE TO VIEW